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Listen to Hillel Kuttler's ABCs: Athletics Beyond Coronavirus, the podcast where athletes, coaches, executives, broadcasters and fans discuss how they're faring in these troubled times.

2011 Rockower Award for Excellence in Personality Profiles (American Jewish Press Association)
"Omri Casspi: Our Man in Sacramento"

2003 Gold Medal Award for Feature Writing (Society of National Association Publications)
"World Trade Center Investigation a 'Labor of Love' for Medical Examiner PAs"

daily newspapers and wire services

The New York Times

The Wall Street Journal

The Washington Post

The Jerusalem Post

Bleacher Report


The Sun (Baltimore)

The Washington Times

Hartford Courant

The Arizona Republic

Detroit Free Press

The Oregonian

Concord Monitor (New Hampshire)

Casper Star-Tribune (Wyoming)

Las Cruces Sun-News (New Mexico)


Associated Press

United Press International

JTA: Jewish Telegraphic Agency

general-interest and specialty-interest magazines, newspapers and newsletters


Fast Company

AARP Bulletin


The National Law Journal

SportsTurf (magazine of the Sports Turf 
    Managers Association)

Memories and Dreams (magazine of the National
   Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum)

NFL Gameday Program

US Lacrosse magazine


Physicians Practice Digest

Baltimore Business Journal

CNS News: Clinical Reviews and
     Updates in Neurology and Psychiatry

Teacher Magazine

Lenses & Technology


New York-Presbyterian Transplant

American College of Emergency Physicians'
    ACEP News


B'nai B'rith Magazine


Near East Report

Inside magazine

Middle East Business Today


Times of Israel

Web sites




weekly newspapers

Falls Church News-Press: hired to cover Virginia town resident's trial on felony charges (spring '12)


The Jewish Chronicle (London) 

Jewish Week (New York)

Washington Jewish Week

The Jewish Exponent (Philadelphia)

Jewish Times (Baltimore)

The Jewish Journal (Los Angeles)

JT News (Seattle)

The Canadian Jewish-News

Miami Jewish Tribune

selected clients

: newsletter writing and editing

U.S. Department of Agriculture: 
    edited policies and directives for USDA's
    Natural Resources Conservation Service

Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing:
 wrote new brochure
wrote press releases on:
attaining World Health Org'z'n recognition
grant to research Korean Americans' health
multiple grants received
pediatric palliative care
technology projects
cardiovascular care for HIV/AIDS patients
substance abusers' cardiovascular health 

Johns Hopkins University
Bloomberg School of Public Health:

 article: patients' success managing obesity
 press release: professor's HIV/AIDS care honor

Johns Hopkins University Gazette: wrote 
    article on 
pediatric palliative care program

IMPAQ International: edit, copy edit and
   proofread contracts, proposals and reports for
   federal-government contractor

HPT International: wrote and designed Power
    Point slide presentations for poultry
    machinery company's client meetings

City of Edmonton: wrote grant proposal for
    anti-crime initiatives solicited by the province
    of Alberta, Canada

WAM Systems: wrote biographies of hi-tech
    company's principals

C-SPAN Television: on-air translating of
  parliamentary debates, campaign speeches,
  political advertisements and a state funeral

Elsevier: covered medical conferences (tobacco
    cessation and pain management) and wrote
    articles for magazines geared to physicians:
    Pediatric News, Family Practice News,
    Rheumatology News, Clinical Psychiatry
, Internal Medicine News

Embassy of Israel: speechwriting and
    ghost-writing of op-ed columns

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association:     
    edited and wrote articles for Web site, and
    wrote national marketing materials (see the
    "samples" page of my Web site)

American Thoracic Society: profiled physicians:

     Mine Safety and Health Administration chief
     HIV/AIDS physician 
     Jerusalem pediatric pulmonologist
     Los Angeles physician self-described "sleuth"
     Alabama physician's hypertension patients
     Philadelphia pediatric pulmonologist

Foundation for Defense of Democracies:
     rewrote staff biographies for Web site

Endowment for Middle East Truth (EMET):
    ghost-write op-ed columns, edit newsletters,
    write fundraising letters, edited book

American Friends of Bar-Ilan University: 
    ghost-writing of op-ed column

Friends of the Israel Defense Forces: 
    wrote press release

Rabinowitz Dorf Communications: 
    ghost-writing of op-ed columns, Web
    content and video scripts

Josh Hurewitz Business Consulting: 
    edit newsletters, Web content and 
    business plans

Laurel Consulting Group (LCG): notetaking
    for panels' review of federal grant proposals

Woodhome Insurance Group: edited Web
    content on business and auto policies

Baltimore Zionist District: organized panels
    and selected speakers for symposium

Tennessee Holocaust Commission: 
newsletter writing and media outreach

The Israel Project: edited Web content

Redzone News (a Baltimore consulting
     company): wrote fundraising letter

Sderot Media Center: wrote grant proposal

Jewish Labor Committee: wrote and edited
position papers, convention
    resolutions, speeches, publicity materials,
    op-ed columns

Baltimore management coach: wrote 
    letter offering services to prominent 
    public official

Apex Reimbursement Services: wrote
   promotional article on company's managing
   dental practices, including its negotiating higher
   insurance reimbursements

Jewish Baseball Museum: interviewed ex-MLB
  players and coaches, along with fans, for Q&A
  articles: Nolan RyanMike Epstein, John Thorn ...

editing of manuscripts, etc.
edited Raviv/Mellman book, Spies Against Armageddon
edited John Wallach book, The New Palestinians
edited application of George Mason U. student

edited dissertation of Georgetown U. student
edited manuscript of Holocaust survivor's book
edited manuscript of radio executive's memoir
edited researcher's book on Iraq-U.S. relations
edited memoir of 1950s Hollywood childhood

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