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Listen to Hillel Kuttler's ABCs: Athletics Beyond Coronavirus, the podcast where athletes, coaches, executives, broadcasters and fans discuss how they're faring in these troubled times.

2011 Rockower Award for Excellence in Personality Profiles (American Jewish Press Association)
"Omri Casspi: Our Man in Sacramento"

2003 Gold Medal Award for Feature Writing (Society of National Association Publications)
"World Trade Center Investigation a 'Labor of Love' for Medical Examiner PAs"

Kudos to Hillel, who is the best editor we've had yet. He totally rewrote my front page story -- and it was better. Much better. Hillel gave us consistently intelligent and thoughtful comments and questions, and consistently fast turnaround. He seems to work very, very long hours. He is also flexible and understands the exigencies of state-office work. You can steer Florida-member newsletters to Hillel anytime!
Dave Bruns, communications director, AARP Florida

Hillel Kuttler is a tough editor. His experience as a journalist helped us to sharpen and produce a “no-nonsense” newsletter and a news release. His editing skills focused our messaging and articulated our key points clearly.
-- Scott Wegenast, communications director,
AARP Kentucky

Hillel joined the AOPA team in 2009 to assist with several important campaigns to promote the benefits of general aviation. He quickly proved himself a multi-talented communicator. His coverage of the industry brought a new, much-needed perspective, which he enhanced by steeping himself in the issues pilots face. He also applied his sharp editorial eye to the material posted on our Web site, helping us to broaden the appeal of content written largely by pilots for pilots. Hillel then served as a key writer in our flagship public relations campaign, General Aviation Serves America, writing vivid profiles of businesspeople who utilize their aircraft to generate sales, expand their markets and bring key services to the 100 million Americans not served by airlines. Hillel is a solid writer and editor whose passion for his work translates clearly to his readers.
-- Chris O'Callaghan, VP for ePublishing, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association















For Hillel, a talented journalist without whose help this book would not have been written.
-- John Wallach, inscribing his book, for which I conducted interviews,
The New Palestinians

During the years that Hillel was the Washington bureau chief for The Jerusalem Post, he wrote sharp and insightful articles and analyses, always to the point and always on time. It was a pleasure to work with him. 
-- Esther Hecht, features editor, The Jerusalem Post

I asked Hillel to help create biographies for our management team and had some very specific guidelines for the style that we wanted. He was easily able to take our scattered set of notes and compile extremely well-written biographies that captured the exact feel that we requested. I found it a pleasure working with him and will continue to look for opportunities to leverage his talent.
-- Jeff Burns, VP for marketing, WAM Systems

Hillel is a highly talented writer and editor who has helped us with many articles for our newsletter. We have learned to rely on him for his keen eye and terrific writing style. He is a pleasure to work with.
-- Sarah Stern, president, Endowment for
Middle East Truth

Hillel worked with me at the American Academy of Physician Assistants for several years. He was an excellent writer and editor, and incredibly detailed in his work. I never saw an error get by him when we were proofreading pages. Hillel's reporting is workmanlike and thorough. He always had lots of very good story ideas, on which he followed through, from reporting to writing to final editing. He was very reliable and prompt.
-- Michele Sullivan, writer, Elsevier

My co-author Yossi Melman and I are so happy that we were able to hire Hillel Kuttler to be our copy editor, and Hillel went far beyond catching spelling and grammatical errors -- and he caught plenty. He improved the syntax, for clarity, but also -- by posing short and pointed questions about some of our assertions -- led us toward clarifying and improving our book. Hillel is very familiar with many subjects, very easy to work with and truly a strong editor. He's just what an author needs.
-- Dan Raviv, broadcaster and author (Spies Against Armageddon)

It is not an easy task to capture the true excellence of someone as great as Bud Greenspan, but Hillel did just that. A great article on a great man!
-- Olympics iceskating legend Bonnie Blair, referring to a feature article on the filmmaker

Hillel is flat-out awesome: a high-quality, lightning-fast and super-easy guy to work with. Though I pride myself on being a good oral and written communicator, Hillel refined my newsletters to make them clearer to a lay audience. He found the most correct way to phrase a statement and made the message much more "sticky" in the minds of readers.
I run everything I write for public consumption past Hillel for his insightful editing.
-- Josh Hurewitz
Business Consulting

In the seven years Hillel Kuttler worked for me, his editorial talents contributed mightily to the American Academy of Physician Assistants' communications success. He wrote lively articles for our newspaper, and his editing skills were superb. They earned AAPA News much acclaim from members I spoke with across the country and annual awards from the Society of National Association Publications. Now, I utilize Hillel's expertise in a new health care setting, the American Thoracic Society [ATS], and hope to continue doing so.
-- Stephen Crane,
ATS executive director

Hillel analyzed my company's latest technology innovations and then conceived of the best ways to project them to potential clients. He wrote and designed two distinct PowerPoint presentations for us to use in sales meetings. The very first meeting, a potential client expressed his admiration for the presentations. That man very well might become our next customer.
-- Yisrael Sar-El, 
CEO of Meyhen-HPT

With an important trial involving a prominent person in our community about to begin, I needed a qualified freelance writer to cover it thoroughly. Hillel Kuttler came recommended to me, and for the eight days of the trial, I could not have been more pleased with his work. Not only was it thorough, with two postings to my Web site daily, it was accurate and well written. It has earned my paper high praise for its fairness, impartiality and detailed accuracy. I highly commend his work.
-- Nicholas F. Benton,
Falls Church (Va.) News-Press
















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