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Listen to Hillel Kuttler's ABCs: Athletics Beyond Coronavirus, the podcast where athletes, coaches, executives, broadcasters and fans discuss how they're faring in these troubled times.

2011 Rockower Award for Excellence in Personality Profiles (American Jewish Press Association)
"Omri Casspi: Our Man in Sacramento"
2003 Gold Medal Award for Feature Writing (Society of National Association Publications)
"World Trade Center Investigation a 'Labor of Love' for Medical Examiner PAs"

national history and military history

Washington Post: items from aging donors leads
to museum's expansion
Balt. Sun: George Washington's funeral re-enacted
Japanese-American World War II combat unit
Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation draft
tour of Lincoln sites in Kentucky and Illinois
Vietnam War Memorial's 10th anniversary
World War II partisan fighters honored
Arlington Nat'l. Cemetery chaplains memorial
 Americans honored for Korean War service 
 MIAs forgotten 30 years after Lebanon War 
 bringing Biblical history to IDF soldiers
G.I. mourns Vietnam chaplain 50 years later
exhibition honors 350 years of military duty
WWI Lt.-Col. John Henry Patterson reburied
Metropolitan Museum of Art's new president
granddaughter recalls WWII colonel
Georgia Gov. Slaton posthumously honored
Philadelphia exhibit honors gay-rights pioneers
a museum that's an experience, with no exhibits
museum commemorates famed WWII revolt


Fast Company: innovative companies: Israel ('14)
Fast Company: innovative companies: Israel ('15)

Fast Company: creating water out of thick air
Fast Company: innovative co's: India and Israel (2017)
Fast Company: innovative co's: India and Israel (2018)
how a nonprofit agency saved a man's life
optometry (product review)
 a farm that's also a furniture manufacturer

food wholesaler ages cheese in home basement

business/finance features

Wall Street Journal: diner in classic film Diner
product reviews of optometry machines
Middle East investment
 customer service
interview: Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin
profile: Commerce Secretary Ron Brown
 unlikely furniture behemoth -- an Israeli kibbutz 
building credit/savings for those over age 50
man who sells a citron for $400
teenagers trained to become entrepreneurs
medical professional expands into business side


The Washington Post: friends' annual reunion
nightmares vs. dreams for singles
ex-spouses cooperating for kids' benefit
an ex-Hamas terrorist and his Shin Bet handler
mothers bonding over their sons' deaths
NBA coach cherishes ties with Seattle friends
friends recall U.S.-born soldiers killed in Gaza
family of late Canadian GI seeks man he aided
honoring her late father's love of Greece
brothers catch up far from their Chicago roots
for 45 years, sons gather at mother's grave

personality profiles

People magazine: man who gives away books
Rahm Emanuel (Pres. Clinton's chief of staff)
Uruguay's President Luis Alberto LaCalle
Chicken Lady of Jerusalem
 lawyer who lost his daughter to terrorism
 traveling saleswoman
pilot who teaches his son to fly
artist who commemorates murder victims
rabbi who performs gay/lesbian weddings
Arlington National Cemetery researcher
Americans adapting to living in Israel 
U.S. envoy Dennis Ross, who'd worked closely with Israel's late prime minister Yitzhak Rabin
 eccentric U.S. congressman Sonny Callahan 
teacher recalled 40 years after being killed at 25
Philadelphia native's job: subtitling porn
Japanese man honors countrymen WWII heroes
Metis activist leads another indigenous group
columnist extraordinaire Charles Krauthammer
Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh
man thanks kin of mother's rescuers at Christmas
75+ years on, woman reunites grandpa with kin


audio exhibition: iconic holiday music
adapting Leonard Cohen's iconic "Hallelujah"
Chicagoan promotes the blues abroad
music, folk dancing comfort DJ after wife's death

themed newsletters

 Tennessee Holocaust Commission
Baltimore synagogue 
Baltimore business consultant

aviation marketing campaign

sheriff's department to the rescue 
priests who fly
tumbling out of bed and into the cockpit 
Florida aero clubs
corn cob-driven power
bringing dental care to Mexico
treating Amish patients in Wisconsin
scattering loved ones' remains
saving premature babies
from food distribution to the Houston Astros
banner days in the flag business
parachute testing
grain warehousing and firefighting 
firefighting and first aid 
boosting a town's economy
mining from the air
assisting Hurricane Katrina victims     
pilot who teaches his son to fly
 adventures of a pilot-diplomat 

magazine production

literary journal
reunion journal
university program


position papers

preserving wage-standard laws


interview: President Clinton
interview: Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich
a behind-the-scenes look at U.S. policymaking
speechwriters who employ comedy to humanize
  presidential candidates
on-site coverage of President Clinton's
  visit to Israel and Gaza 
citizens fly back to vote in Israel's 2014 election
teacher employs Talmudic humor in '14 election
U.S. diplomat's return to private life ... overseas
a diplomat retires, emerging as a poet/translator


a famed Jerusalem market gentrifies
when gluten-free foods are plentiful
The Cheese Guy and his cellar wheels
central Israel's wine region
the late, great food historian/writer Gil Marks
essay: holiday applesauce and family shifts
Passover wines come of age
a white Moscato wine's crossover appeal
basketball player discovers country through wine
man who makes Leich Cream -- er, ice cream
an annual festival of yummy dairy foods


  being laid off
the pros and cons of working at home
diversity on the job 
family-owned Baltimore shop looted in riots


see Fast Company links under "industry," above
 seniors staying in touch with grandchildren 
drawing young people to perform social service
technology's use in family research: 
  see "genealogy" (in right-hand column) 


assessing political asylum claims
Supreme Court case
impeachment trial of President Clinton
UPI: Iran-contra trial of CIA official Clair George
 an ex-Hamas terrorist gains asylum in America    
trial of man convicted of sexually assaulting
  children: jury selection, Day 1, 1B, 2, 2B, 3, 3B,
  4, 4B, 4C, 5, 5B, 6, 6B, 7, 7B, 7C

Associated Press: trial for vandalizing planes

political essays

standing up for principles on Memorial Day

personal essays on family life

N.Y. Times: imparting history to my sons
The Washington Post: corresponding w/grandma
 teaching my son
 my shocking genealogy discoveries
traveling abroad with children during wartime   
holiday applesauce and family shifts
visiting the grave of an uncle who set an example
national mourning becomes a personal experience

culture and slice-of-life features
 Vietnam War Memorial
 a Japanese-American World War II army unit
 New Mexico's ethnicities
 Jews of Wyoming
 ethnic shifts on New York's Lower East Side
 gritty Jerusalem market area goes a bit upscale
Argentinians mourn prosecutor and bomb victims
farmer plays it cool on border with enemy country
woman gives museum doll with her during crisis
terrorist threat beneath an apple farmer's orchards
youth abroad bring commitment to military


a Baltimore private school charging no tuition 
new groups help combat threats on U.S. campuses
 U.S. combat soldier attending rabbinical school
 adult education attracts senior citizens 
camps' sharing news of murdered teenagers
N.C. students investigate fate of '39 letter-writer
Azerbaijan educators strive in science, innovation
a country where sleepaway camps aren't the norm

organizing a child-friendly visit to Israel
traveling abroad with children during wartime
Washington sites of political scandals
 adventures of a pilot-diplomat 
 central-Israel wine region heralded 
Beersheba outgrows "desert capital" image
the sounds of war from across the border
a weekend's insight into Bedouin life
a Jerusalem hotel's art influences inside and out

religion features

Pope John Paul II's Mass at Camden Yards
Christian supporters of Israel
bar/bat mitzvah ceremonies:
     bar/bat mitzvah for a special-needs child
     appropriate gifts for bar/bat mitzvah kids
     investing gifts with meaning through charity
coming-of-age brings with it responsibility
Christians who immigrate to Israel
couple (ages 94 and 91) shake things up

residential marketing campaign

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 N.Y. Times essay: 1972 Olympian David Berger
N.Y. Times: pitching coach considers next move
N.Y. Times: Pittsburgh Pirates stay relevant
 N.Y. Times: Orioles broadcaster Gary Thorne
 N.Y. Times: exciting Rays vs. Orioles series
 N.Y. Times: ex-UConn players on Jim Calhoun
 N.Y. Times: ex-Nationals manager Jim Riggleman
N.Y. Times: daughter of the great Walter Johnson
N.Y. Times: brother (Nationals), sister (Cardinals)
 N.Y. Times: World Series: 1912 centennial
N.Y. Times: athletes who've served in Congress
N.Y. Times: Omri Casspi in Cleveland's rotation
N.Y. Times: great-grandson of Joe Tinker
 N.Y. Times: Ohio's Nick Swisher joins Indians
N.Y. Times: a football broadcaster ... at age 12 
N.Y. Times: Ravens embrace Baltimore's Colts
N.Y. Times: Tim Flannery's baseball/music loves
N.Y. Times: Cleveland's League Park reborn
N.Y. Times: baseball teams employing historians
 N.Y. Times: Boston University's super fan 
N.Y. Times: Amar'e Stoudemire heads to Israel
N.Y. Times: forgotten baseball pioneer honored
N.Y. Times: NBA players who become referees
N.Y. Times: first Harvard player in NBA playoffs
N.Y. Times: Orioles pitcher who loves hockey
N.Y. Times: pink bats used on Mother's Day
 N.Y. Times: Orioles' Chris Davis emerges as star
N.Y. Times: Eddie Plank and Battle of Gettysburg
N.Y. Times: the 19th Maccabiah opens in Israel 
N.Y. Times: Pittsburgh doubleheader excitement
N.Y. Times: a knuckleball maestro tutors Orioles
N.Y. Times: skateboard, unicycle deliver players
N.Y. Times: groundbreaking groundskeepers
N.Y. Times: St. Louis Browns' legacy maintained
N.Y. Times: opera-singing Ravens kicker
N.Y. Times: NHL's Sochi Olympics break
N.Y. Times: hockey team unites Israeli kids
N.Y. Times: U.Va. walk-on reaches NCAAs
 Omri Casspi, the first Israeli player in NBA 
marathon runners who bridge a social divide
Jerusalem Marathon coverage: March 2012
athletes heading to 2012 London Olympics
 from homeless teen to 2012 Paralympian
educating kids about 1972 Munich Olympians
 Omri Casspi, stuck on Cleveland's bench (JTA) 
1996 Olympics: spot-news coverage of Atlanta's Centennial Olympic Park bombing
1996 Olympics: daily news and features coverage from Atlanta
Detroit Lions player makes transition to medicine
 basketball coaching legend Red Auerbach
 UConn guard Doron Sheffer
Olympics filmmaker Bud Greenspan
American basketball player dealing
with life abroad:
Part I

American basketball player dealing
with life abroad
Part II
 Baltimore Orioles players bicycling to games
basketball player Shay Doron of the 2006 champion University of Maryland
 Jerusalem grave of a Philadelphia Phillies fan
baseball exhibit solicits fans' memories, artifacts
coach leaves NBA, returns to Seattle (local angle)
Maccabi Haifa upsets Israel's basketball dynasty
Doron Sheffer (ex-UConn), leading a religious life
coverage of the 19th Maccabiah Games (July '13)
     recruiting "new" countries to send athletes
     star hockey coach who overcame illiteracy
     a meaningful coming-of-age ceremony
     Amar'e Stoudemire discusses spirituality
 star softball pitcher, now in a wheelchair
     masters-level athletes from Los Angeles
     Olympic medalist chosen as U.S. flag bearer
     Argentine athletes commemorate victims
     Cuba's karate mother and karate son
     India's tennis-playing father-son team
     Mongolia sends its first athlete
     Digger Phelps returns to coaching
     ESPN's Dan Shulman, injured on first play
film recalls Cleveland Indians' great Al Rosen
Oakland A's first baseman Nate Freiman
camp owner mourns ex-Knick Dean Meminger
Israeli sculptor is U.S. sports teams' go-to guy
 World Series: Adam Grossman markets Red Sox
World Series: Boston's brainy Craig Breslow
Gal Mekel joins Omri Casspi as Israelis in NBA
 Brad Ausmus: from Team Israel to Detroit Tigers 
lacrosse serving as a vehicle for social good
half-court shot = free tuition that's appreciated
displaced persons camp to baseball historian
76ers statistician who predates the NBA
how Gal Mekel's first NBA season is going
London Fletcher's Cleveland mentors pre-NFL
Hy Buller to Mike Brown: Jewish NHL players
Boston man's book a baseball-loving oral history
Super Bowl XLVIII: on-site coverage:
  does God care?
   Seattle Seahawks-themed face painter
  groundskeepers prepare the snowy, icy field
boy (hockey) honors uncle's memory (baseball) 
2014 Olympics: Sochi-bound, NJ-trained skaters
college basketball's leading rebounder
baseball exhibit opens at Philadelphia museum
basketball pioneer Eddie Gottlieb to be honored
Eddie Gottlieb's legacy at his Philly high school
 "Hockey Maven" Stan Fischler
Larry Brown leads SMU to 24-9 season and NIT
Bruce Pearl returns to hoops as Auburn's coach
2014 Major League Baseball season preview
 basketball tournament draws students socially, too
Baltimore Orioles' greeter brings joy to fans
NBA preseason games tip of iceberg for Israelis
Wizards broadcasters finally active in playoffs
ex-Mets 1B Ike Davis adapts to Pittsburgh
Astros pitcher Josh Zeid returns to the majors
Tigers manager Brad Ausmus and 2B Ian Kinsler
the baseballing Shapiro guys: Ron, Mark, Caden
couple welcomes fans to World Cup in Brazil
 executive relishes Oakland Athletics' success 
lacrosse goalie who'd come out as gay
2014 World Lacrosse Championships:
    preliminariessecond round and quarterfinals
 Washington Generals' owner Red Klotz dies
Cooperstown awaits Hall of Fame inductions
hockey-playing kids teach peers overseas
 former WNBA president in role of a mom
2014 NFL season preview
 debut a heartbreaker for Dodgers' Joc Pederson
 trainer/coach prepares prospects for hoops careers
female coach of a men's collegiate volleyball team
LeBron, Cavs coach welcome Israeli club
Amar'e Stoudemire encourages youths' donations
NFL game-day programs in London, 2014:
     Hall of Famer "Night Train" Lane of Lions
     Falcons lineman Bill Fralic
     Jaguars q.b. Mark Brunell
baseball players changing teams post-2014 season
charities gain from baseball paintings/autographs
Dallas rec-football group marks 50th year
Vancouver man loves Cuba's baseball scene
76ers/NBA legend Harvey Pollack hopitalized
interview with NHL commissioner Gary Bettman
"Deflategate" and ethics in sports
Croatian teen hoops star Dragan Bender
David Blatt adjusts to NBA w/LeBron James' help
NCAA '15: Harvard's Zach Yoshor
a former UConn reserve's fulfilling new job
Miami Marlins executive on team's strategy
NFL high draftee Ali Marpet from DIII Hobart
'15 Stanley Cup: Lightning owner Jeff Vinik
Blue Jays' Kevin Pillar: tattoos and wall-climbing
Berlin competitions hold meaning beyond sports
Berlin photo essay: European Maccabi Games
Brewers coach Jerry Narron's baseball side gig
Israeli-European cycling team makes its debut
NHL executive Jessica Berman a hero off the ice
Sandy Koufax's example recalled 50 years later
L.A. Dodgers rookie centerfielder Joc Pederson
Baltimore Orioles' J.J. Hardy attends U.S. Open
welterweight boxer honors his late grandfather
A's hire Justine Siegal as first female MLB coach
finding British kin of ex-Dodgers' c. Norm Sherry
launching a baseball internship abroad
fans 7,000 miles away upset as Cavaliers fire Blatt
historical marker for statistician Harvey Pollack
2016 baseball season preview
Interviews for new Jewish Baseball Museum:
   Nolan Ryan on Jimmie Reese's influence
   Mike Epstein on Ted Williams's teachings
   MLB's official historian John Thorn
   a baseball coach for men's teams, Justine Siegal
   Peter Kurz, president of Israel Assn. of Baseball
   Art Shamsky of the 1969 N.Y. Mets
   Norm Sherry on Koufax, Ryan and Kurt Russell
   professor of baseball Sol Gittleman
   prominent baseball journalists
   St. Louis Cardinals fans for five generations
   1972 All Star outfielder Richie Scheinblum
   Red Sox coach and former GM Ruben Amaro Jr.
   Jerry Weinstein prepares to manage in WBC
   Dean Kremer, pitcher on Israel's WBC squad
   from Shea Stadium beer-hawking to journalism
Nate Freiman on the road back to the majors
Namibian bicyclist Dan Craven
Olympians killed in the Shoah (Holocaust)
Brooke Smith: Stanford to WNBA to medicine

12-year-olds assist their baseball teammate
12-year-olds assist teammate (Yiddish version!)
California-raised swimmer an Olympian in Rio
gymnast makes Olympics history for Armenia
baseball beach books: Braves, Cubs, '81 strike
racewalker and Munich survivor Shaul Ladany
Minnesota Vikings owner Mark Wilf
Bryan Harper grinds to join brother Bryce in D.C.
World Baseball Classic's Brooklyn preview
on-site coverage of World Baseball Classic:
   Israel defeats Great Britain in opener
   Israel defeats Brazil in Game 2 to reach final
   Israel defeats Great Britain in final
   wrap-up of Israel's WBC win in Brooklyn
Cubs in World Series and a president-envoy bond
World Baseball Classic players visit Israel
Tel Aviv and Jerusalem: friendly marathon rivals
Cuban pitcher tries coaching far from home
Jim Brown and 17 other NFL HOFers go abroad
U.S. athletes traveling abroad find love
book tells of 1942 film The Pride of the Yankees
baseball sabermetrician's humanitarian quest
standout ex-NFL referee Jerry Markbreit
tending to athletes at PyeongChang Olympics
Astros 3B Alex Bregman a budding star
Stan "The Hockey Maven" Fischler retires
2018 World Lacrosse Championship:
  South Korea's Yoo brothers better the world
  host country Israel builds lax at the grass roots
  how new lax country came to host championship

participants ignore security issues, boycott threat
basketball player discovers country through wine
star running back abroad strives to reach NCAA
Scotland soccer fans travel far to support team
ex-NHLer Bobby Holik grows hockey abroad
ski-patrol team treats serious injuries on slopes
ultra-athlete returns following partial amputation
Slava Fetisov skates to warn of global warming
MLB's London games a return to baseball's roots
training for American Ninja Warrior competition
an Olympic team where baseball's barely a blip?
same Olympics-baseball article -- in Hebrew
MMA fighters: like father, like son
Olympic baseballers visit country they'll play for
Cubs' minor-league coach on a path to Olympics

medicine and health care

preparing astronauts for emergencies in space
America's leading cancer hospital
products that save U.S. soldiers' lives
Cleveland Clinic
 U.S. military's innovations treat combat injuries
alerting medical professionals to detect
and rescue patients who might be "slaves"  
preventing genetic diseases by prenatal testing
preventing and dealing with breast cancer
MRI exam of vegetative patient, Ariel Sharon
celiac sufferers and gluten-intolerant find relief
U.S. Coast Guard crew delivers health care
providing health care at the South Pole
photo exhibition reveals caregivers' humanity
medical profession launches far from U.S. roots
physician assistant keeps athletes healthy
keeps White House officials healthy; his life saved
American Heart Month: PAs' contributions
providing health care at the Winter Olympics
how point-of-care ultrasound aids diagnoses
arthritis not just an older person's affliction
flying into the eye of hurricanes
Antarctica attracts medical provider ... three times
medical error nearly killed man, but he forgives
man commutes 6,000 miles to his NY hospital job
on slopes, treating injured skiers/snowboarders
Americans bring health-care expertise to Africa
touting nephrology health on World Kidney Day
summoning alertness and care to prevent suicide
he removes tattoos to help people create new lives
medical specialists head to Training Rheum
keeping children safe from on-line threats
medical science liaisons: pharma's bridge to docs
Great Britain addresses healthcare challenges
treating victims of the El Paso mass shooting
students' medical tutorials help others worldwide

reuniting people's long-lost families and friends

SYNDICATED COLUMN (launched in 2011):
Please see this Web site's "Seeking Kin" page.


technology enables genealogy research: Part I
technology enables genealogy research: Part II 
international conference on genealogy 
genealogy as an academic pursuit     


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