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2011 Rockower Award for Excellence in Personality Profiles (American Jewish Press Association)
"Omri Casspi: Our Man in Sacramento"

2003 Gold Medal Award for Feature Writing (Society of National Association Publications)
"World Trade Center Investigation a 'Labor of Love' for Medical Examiner PAs"

"Seeking Kin" is a concept I launched as a syndicated column in August 2011. "Seeking Kin" presents riveting tales of people hoping to locate long-lost friends, relatives and acquaintances -- people they knew well or crossed paths with briefly. Each feature story presents the circumstances behind a subject's search. These stories aim to inform and bring reading pleasure as human connections and historical contexts are explored. 

The stories hold out even greater promise. "Seeking Kin" enables -- and relies on -- readers to be part of the solution, to assist the subject in reuniting with someone important to him or her. One name, one clue, one date mentioned in a story might be crucial to a reader's unlocking the solution. Because "six degrees of separation" truly binds people globally, we all have roles to play along that chain. Together, we can help people close circles, heal old wounds, fill holes in their past and achieve comfort and satisfaction with those they once knew -- and would like to know again. Some mysteries are even solved before publication.

Several readers -- and the stories' subjects themselves -- have deemed the "Seeking Kin" project "holy work." That sentiment is gratifying to know.

 elderly man seeks American cousins
 woman seeks family of mom's ex-fiancee'
 reunion of WWII partisan fighters
 man reprieved from Auschwitz gas chamber

 identifying children who survived the Shoah
 could author's cousins be in Argentina?
 man seeks his almost-stepbrother/sister 
 Lithuanian rescuer meets woman she saved
 FOUND: elderly man's American cousin
 Slovakian man seeks honor for rescuer-dad 
 little-known 1941 Cyprus-Israel-Africa trip 
 Wurzburg beckons native sons/daughters
 professor hunts for late composers' scores
 Ohio man looking for his half-siblings
 Righteous Gentile who's buried in Israel
 Ethiopia native honors man from Poland 
 unit locates graves of Israeli war dead
 organization bridging secular-religious gap
 U.S. veterans who "saved" South Korea
 maharajah who sheltered WWII orphans
 legendary radio show that reunites families  FOUND: saved Vietnamese 'boat people'
delivering a letter to a fallen soldier's family
 FOUND: American first-grader, 57 years later
 FOUND: U.S.-born paratrooper, 40 years later
 FOUND: Vienna schoolboy friend, 73 years later
 FOUND: 1950s-era boyfriend and girlfriend
at-risk-youth program seeks boy for reunion
 reunion of U.S. soldiers and Holocaust survivors
woman seeks other child survivors of Holocaust
returning a girl's 1963 notebooks
woman seeks soldier's relatives 
honoring U.S. soldiers who recovered WWII art
girl whom soldier helped
FOUND: column reunites Australian cousins
reunion of Tel Aviv classmates from 1953
FOUND: woman's long-lost cousins are in Tulsa
his grandmother's savior at Auschwitz
 class of 1930 students in a Poland high school 
 a promising poet whose life was extinguished
1926 killing: appropriate vengeance or unjustified?
can woman's "dead" sister be living in America?
where did U.S.-bound Ukrainian uncle end up?
 FOUND: Brooklyn cousins of Denver man 
Australian woman seeks cousins in Russia
 a childhood friend with a life-long effect on a girl
Spanish monastery where couple hid in WWII
TWO FOUND: Ukraine-born uncle and childhood friend
FOUND: Baltimore cousins -- in a car-repair shop!
Yad Vashem's name-recovery project reunites cousins
museum seeks baseball memories -- and memorabilia
FOUND: Jacques Faitlovitch's relatives (see 16th link, above)
born in trauma, a four-generation collage emits love
FOUND: an unknown cousin; reunion of kids saved in India
could woman's sister be the girl in photo of Holocaust survivors?
a Tel Aviv reunion -- and a classmate's sudden death on its eve
 learning a classmate's burial spot brings solace
reconnecting with a U.S. cousin; cemetery reunites living classmates
far from N.Y. school, classmates hold a 40-year reunion
woman retraces her late father's youth in Prague
for 90th anniversary, an L.A. synagogue seeks artifacts
paratroopers preserve bonds 40 years after Yom Kippur War
 81 years later, friends' great-grandsons meet
French man looks for father he never knew
where are kin of Egyptian hero of WWII-era Berlin?
elementary-school reunion leaves classmates on a high
FOUND: a photograph reunites Chicago and Israeli cousins
FOUND: fate of man who disappeared 20+ years ago
in Salonika, a unique graduation of long-ago students
U.S. veteran, 96, reunites people he and his unit liberated in 1945
FOUND: chatter on Baltimore trolley leads to cousins' reunion
an old cookbook's jottings prompt search for who wrote them
 FOUND: American cousins of Romanian-Israeli woman 
FOUND: woman who'd attended Salonika school (see 5 links up)
FOUND: family of pediatric hospital's founder
FOUND: kin of denied Olympic sprinters Glickman and Stoller
FOUND: U.S. cousin of recently reunited Ukrainian and Israeli
Manhattan synagogue president stirs descendants' genealogy interest
FOUND: famed basketball coach's cousin
FOUND: schoolmates reconnect after a half-century
 relatives mourn a woman cut off from her family
woman wants to find her natural parents
70 years later, sketches bring together subject and artist's descendant
who's the woman whose gravestone was found on a beach?
honoring her mother's Belgian rescuers
 South African high school class holds 40-year reunion
New Yorker memorializes a pianist-cousin

an anarchists' colony drew man's grandparents to Home, Washington
roots in Iran, cousins in two other countries reconnect
hero of key '73 tank battle seeks soldiers he helped save
Haifa woman seeks survivor-relatives from Tapozcany, Czechoslovakia
Ben Zion Kalb's list of Polish Jews smuggled to safety in Czechoslovakia
immigrants celebrate a third of a century as each other's surrogate family
FOUND: Greece native hopes to find her friend from the post-WWII era
a family's trauma that's extended several generations
the mechanic's friend driving the 1962 Bonneville
a day's outing leads to basalt boulders -- and to memorializing seven killed there in 1951
FOUND: woman and girl in photo of train liberated on April 13, 1945
a teacher and the colleague who was like a daughter to her
the 100th "Seeking Kin" column (!) honors four new friends
FOUND: descendants of brother of California woman's grandfather from Urmia, Iran
woman in Scotland makes startling discoveries and seeks more
Brazilian man learns of his grandfather's sister's surviving the Holocaust
Ami Magazine: essay/feature on the value "Seeking Kin" brings
FOUND: British relatives of ex-Dodgers' catcher Norm Sherry
an eight-decade-ago disappearance has Atlanta family wondering about Wender
FOUND: granddaughter of Hungarian cookbook author (see 34 links back: "an old cookbook's jottings ...")

FOUND: mechanic's friend turns up in California (see story on search, 12 links back)
an unheralded hero who helped save 40,000 people in Budapest
Israeli man seeks relatives who left from Germany and South Africa for the U.S.

FOUND: a Jerusalem man from a hospitable family three decades ago
FOUND: three more people saved near Auschwitz gas chamber's door (see fourth link from the top)
Arkansas woman discovers her roots -- and relatives
man finds century-old photograph of a soldier, then locates soldier's cousin and gives her it
sailors who participated in U.S. bicentennial celebration seek shipmates
FOUND: nephew of deceased woman who'd been institutionalized and disowned

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