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Listen to Hillel Kuttler's ABCs: Athletics Beyond Coronavirus, the podcast where athletes, coaches, executives, broadcasters and fans discuss how they're faring in these troubled times.

2011 Rockower Award for Excellence in Personality Profiles (American Jewish Press Association)
"Omri Casspi: Our Man in Sacramento"

2003 Gold Medal Award for Feature Writing (Society of National Association Publications)
"World Trade Center Investigation a 'Labor of Love' for Medical Examiner PAs"

Since penning a short story that my high school literature teacher liked, writing has been what makes me go. I wrote for and edited my high school yearbook; wrote news, features and sports for my college newspaper; edited a post-graduate yearbook; and, more than two decades later, published a high school reunion program. 

In the interim? You name it, I've done it:

    • edited law books for a publishing company
rote newsletters, press releases, issue summaries, position papers and speeches for a non-profit organization
       that promotes trade unions
a literary magazine and wrote organizational reports for two more non-profit organizations, all the while
      delivering speeches, recruiting members, compiling budgets and arranging cultural programs across the United
      States and the then-U.S.S.R.
erved for seven years as the Washington bureau chief and correspondent for The Jerusalem Post, covering
      diplomacy, politics, sports, travel, culture and more
for seven years as an editor, writer and copyediting chief for a national medical association
articles for Web sites, magazines, newspapers and wire services
for trade magazines in such fields as media, optometry, pharmaceuticals, medicine, aviation
speeches, newsletters, op-ed columns, promotional materials and fundraising letters for corporate clients,
      nonprofit organizations, small businesses and diplomats
Web sites, publications and manuscripts for content, grammar, appropriateness and ... oomph!

Each project is unique, challenging and valued. I look forward to discussing how my experience can pay dividends for you.

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