You publish a magazine, newspaper or newsletter. You conceive of an article that would work well in the issue, and seek a dynamic, experienced, award-winning writer for the assignment. 

That's where Hillel Kuttler comes in. With 25 years' experience as a journalist and communications specialist, I know how to meld facts, conduct interviews and craft a compelling story that people will read. 

I've produced articles on deadline, accurately and with flair. I've written news, features, essays and analyses on scores of topics: diplomacy, finance, religion, politics, sports, literature, family, culture, friendship, science, the workplace, crime, war and peace, medicine, travel, aerospace, optometry, media, psychology, education and ... 


You have a product or service to sell. You want to make the best impression, of course. Perhaps you're considering a report or newsletter to promote what you do, or have a big speech to deliver, but writing is not your thing. 
That's where Hillel Kuttler comes in. With 25 years' experience as a communications specialist and journalist, I will help to organize your facts and thoughts, then put them to paper. 

I provide a wide range of editorial services to corporate, nonprofit, governmental and private clients. I've helped some of the mightiest lobbying groups and smallest nonprofit organizations transmit their messages. 

Whatever your product or pitch, whether you're an ambassador or a student, let's discuss how I might be of service.

Hillel the Scribe Communications

editorial consulting ~ Web content ~ speechwriting
editing ~ feature writing ~ publicity ~ media relations

           Making every word count!

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2011 Rockower Award for Excellence in Personality Profiles (American Jewish Press Association)
"Omri Casspi: Our Man in Sacramento"

2003 Gold Medal Award for Feature Writing (Society of National Association Publications)
"World Trade Center Investigation a 'Labor of Love' for Medical Examiner PAs"
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